How to Add Life to Years, Not Just Years to Life

With an increasing population of older adults in Canada, we need to look at the factors that will enhance our quality of life as we age.

What does it take to improve the quality of life, as we age, not just the number of birthdays we celebrate?

Jennifer’s story may hold a clue. Jennifer, like many older adults in British Columbia, faced a potentially-limiting health challenge, having suffered from a recent stroke. In an instant, she lost mobility, balance, and her ability to complete many activities of daily living. She lost confidence in herself.

Jennifer, a stroke survivor, is finding new hope in a physical activity program at the Active Aging Program in Mission, BC.


[1]: Bohnert, N., Chagnon, J., & Dion, P. (2015). Population Projections for Canada (2013 to 2063), Provinces and Territories (2013 to 2038). Retrieved from



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Active Aging Research Team @ UBC

Empowering people to live independent, active and connected lives as they age. Community-based research and evaluation team at University of British Columbia.