Physical activity is good for older adults.

Two seniors pondering what physical activities they could do. There is a thought bubble. One senior has a ball, the other has weights. There are question marks. There is an Active Aging Research Team logo.

But do older adults have easy access to programs that keep them active?

Image of a tree fall in the woods asking “Hello? Can anybody hear me?” Woman walks by with headphones.
Like the old adage, I often wonder if effective interventions never leave the research environment, are they effective?
Capacity. Implementation strategies. Dosed delivered. Quality. Reach. Circles with images for each item.
Indcators (measures). Frameworks-guided programs. Widespread delivery and accessibility.



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Active Aging Research Team @ UBC

Empowering people to live independent, active and connected lives as they age. Community-based research and evaluation team at University of British Columbia.