…and we hope to inspire other women and girls to join us.

An older adult woman sees older adult’s physical and social health through her own lens

What is Photovoice?

Two seniors pondering what physical activities they could do. There is a thought bubble. One senior has a ball, the other has weights. There are question marks. There is an Active Aging Research Team logo.

But do older adults have easy access to programs that keep them active?

By Samantha Gray

1. Call someone to be your activity buddy:

Research shows that being accountable helps us stay active. Recruit a friend (on the phone), with whom you will share your physical activity goals for the week. You could even arrange to go for a walk at the same time and chat on the phone as you walk. …

Knowledge to Practice: The Struggle is Real

We see thousands of health research articles published every month. However, there is a gap between research-to-practice. It takes 17 years to turn only 14% of research into day-to-day clinical practice (1). To benefit the health of the population, we need to make use of research findings in a timelier manner. Therefore, it is important to find a solution to reduce this gap. A growing area of study, Implementation Science, could be the key (2).

Implementation science is, “the scientific study of methods to promote the systematic uptake of research findings and other evidence-based practices into…

Active Aging Research Team @ UBC

Empowering people to live independent, active and connected lives as they age. Community-based research and evaluation team at University of British Columbia.

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